Friday, April 11, 2014


Carleigh, Bluntslide to grass ride.

Blaine, killing it at doing video titles I never used. Thanks dude.

Glad I won't be seeing this any time soon.

Late night in the cold.

Harsh set-up fueled by snow.

Back Smith.


Kickflip Axle. Ridiculous.

Random ledge over gap.

One of the creepiest spots in Boulder. Also during a massive wind storm.

What's in there....

Branches in the wind.

Probably talking shit on himself..

Definitely talking shit on himself.


Bob, keeping up with the times.

Carleigh, warm-up Wallie.

Up, stall, and over..

Carleigh about to eat some major shit.

Got to skate with Eric for a little.


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Davis starts off the Cali trip right.

Fully out. Ha.

Fuckin' Dr. Reefer of Boulder fame. And Trump....

This one turned out sort of vintage like..

This is a fine example of what Blogger does to some night photos. If anyone knows what the hell causes that shitty dusty contrast let me know.

Foreshadowing? Nah..


First night on the beach.

It was unbelievably foggy.

Max and ghost beer.


Epic spot.

Every night my shoes got soaked... This was the first time.

Sorry for the night-shot overkill.

Ahh yeahhh.

The not that ghetto blaster.

Photo shoot.


The moment Max tweaked his back.

Mandatory bird photos.

The kind of rail you look at every day and never skate.

Alright, now for some skateboarding... Davis with one of my favorite photos I've taken.


Sean, Frontside Ollie.

This one was for Jeff Hanneman. Obviously...

Boosting Bro.

There's a fuckin' tree in the way, but that place was called "Mrs. Gooch's Cafe".


Icey times...

Down to the beach again.

Every day.

Lots of these photos, but sitting out here was so awesome every time so they're staying.

This spot is insane.

Alex, Front Blunt warm up.



Zach, Back Blunt.

This place ruled.


JJ Front Tail.

Zach, Nosegrind.

Alex was working his ass off.

Zach, with that One Foot Sugarcane shit.


JJ Nollie Cab.


Max, Noseblunt.


Collin, Back T.

Zach, 5-0 Switch Crook.

JJ rotated two times during this trick.

Max, Blunt Fakie.



Collin, Crail.


Same ditch.






Sean, wiping the windshield

Once again, gnarly.


10 dudes, 9 beers, 1 milk..



Max, stretching his tiny legs.

Zach, Front Board.

And a tall one at that.

Major ass shot.

The black and white ones weren't this washed out before blogger. Dammit.

This handrail is legendary. That Plan B video "The Revolution" had a bunch of clips of it.

Zach, Fuckin' gnarly Ollie over and on to the ledge.

Speaking of legendary rails...

Zach Front Lip.

Danger. ...Literally.

Jersey, Feeble.

Hell yeah!

On to the next person..

Lots of danger in this post. And I'm not talking about Danger Mon.

Collin, Back Lip.

Fuck yeah dude.

Flat gap over rail anyone?

Max, Front Fitty.

Dipped like a mudafucka.

Zach, Ollie...

JJ Front Smith.

One more. 

One more....


Last one. Ha.

No ball-play or Heroin in this photo. Well, definitely no Heroin.

And then something happened that I'll probably never forgive myself for happened...
The rest of the photos are gone. I can find the files, but they're toast. I spent a shit load of time trying every file recovery program that didn't cost more than 10 bucks, and no dice. So sorry dudes. But fuck, we lived it, and thanks for all of it! Sean I still owe you gas money.