Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

....... ......... ...........



Another stair carve (grind) down.

Yep. This asshole. So awesome though.

Carleigh, Wallie.

Omi sighting.

A bee. Pretty much...


Fuzz, Frontside Grind.

And Carleigh with the Backside Grind.

Jerry's ramp.

And then, work boredom.

Lindy and Jason. Always a nice surprise. Sorry I took a surprise photo.

This was a creepy drive..

...and I took something I like.

Friday, April 11, 2014


Carleigh, Bluntslide to grass ride.

Blaine, killing it at doing video titles I never used. Thanks dude.

Glad I won't be seeing this any time soon.

Late night in the cold.

Harsh set-up fueled by snow.

Back Smith.


Kickflip Axle. Ridiculous.

Random ledge over gap.

One of the creepiest spots in Boulder. Also during a massive wind storm.

What's in there....

Branches in the wind.

Probably talking shit on himself..

Definitely talking shit on himself.


Bob, keeping up with the times.

Carleigh, warm-up Wallie.

Up, stall, and over..

Carleigh about to eat some major shit.

Got to skate with Eric for a little.